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Advanced Technologies in Drain Line Repairs

The plumbers at EO Plumbing Service have extensive experience in drain line repairs. We understand the source that can cause a cracked or damaged drain line and the red flags indicating that a repair is needed. Quality-focused and detail-driven, our plumbers perform reliable drain line repairs, ensuring water and waste flow in the right direction. We help homeowners and companies avoid leaks and pooling water, backups, costly utility expenses and drawing rodents to their home. Contact our plumbers for incredible results, facilitated by modern plumbing methods and solutions.

Signs You May Need Drain Line Repairs

The plumbing system is a complicated beast to understand as one who’s unfamiliar with the trade. Luckily, EO Plumbing Service is an old hand at detecting drain problems and rendering effective drain line repairs. If you’re experiencing any of the following, then contact us immediately:

  • Toilet bowl at an inconsistent level
  • Foul stench anywhere in your home
  • Slow drains
  • Presence of bugs and rodents
  • Increase in water bill
  • Pooling water

There are more red flags that call for drain line repairs and our Richmond drain line repair plumbers can clarify the matter for you. Instead of fixing the problem yourself, leave it to our plumbers who’ve repaired innumerable drain lines throughout California. This is no job that a feeble plunger can tackle — contact EO Plumbing Service for professional drain line repairs and to avoid even bigger plumbing problems from ensuing.


Excellent customer service….very helpful with the process. Will always try to solve the problem. Thanks again.

Luis Velez

Very personable when they spoke to me. Really got to understand my business and where I was as well as where I wanted to go. Rosie, Amie and Cesar. Very nice and professional. Great at setting the expectations. Very happy and I highly recommend this service.

Eric Hough

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